Our Pepper Pick for today is the Blend Tec. Have you seen it? Do you love it? We here at Velvet Pepper can’t get enough of it! Although vintage purses, handbags and diaper bags are our main focus, we have a family life too and this blender makes it better! We love to us it for green drink, peanut butter, pancakes and just in case the motor on one of our cars ever goes out, we’ve got a back up! This thing brags an amazing 1560 watts all by iteself! It also comes in 3 classy colors…. that kind of remind you of our amazing velvets doesn’t it?


Want on? You can get them at and enjoy all of the amazing recipes included with your purchase! I’ts a huge bang for you buck and don’t forget to enjoy some of that ice cream that you’ll be enjoying… once you can make it in your blender!