Our Pepper Pick today is for the rich, dynamic, woman on the go who wants a large handbag to go with her large personality and stuffed schedule! 

Are you that woman?


While we sincerely hope that you’re not doing all of these things while you’re driving… who are we kidding!? 

You have a crazy life!

We here at Velvet Pepper, understand exactly what that’s like. It’s the reason that we made these bags for YOU!

You need a large handbag to go with your large lifestyle and what could be better than one with elegance and sophistication as well as functionality and purpose. 

We recommend three of our favorite bags for a woman on the go!

First up? The Raychel


This perfect little Raychel isn’t exactly little. But she is perfect.


Perfect for the woman who wants to go from the office to errands in class and style and one that toally customizable and hers. 

You’re going to love the soft leather feel that you’ll get from this bag!


She is sporting a natural linen on the inside and is nice and open so that you can fit bottles, your laptop, or your kids rock collection… whatever it is that you might need to carry in that large bag of yours! 


What a gorgeous bag, AND she is available in Truffle or Black Ice


You can select 3 of 36 amazing Posies to make her truly yours and she comes with additional accessories such as The Pepper Penny!


A simple coinpurse that you’re going to wonder how you lived without!  

Ahh… love the entire Raychel Collection!

Next up, let us introduce you to the Hannah Pack


She is perfect for the soft woman that is still crazy busy and needs something to help her simplify her life.

Who knows when somebody might need something and you’ll have it right on hand?

The Hannah Pack is a large purse lovers dream come true.


It’s soft and yet makes a serious statement. 

We find our custom velvet simply… irresistable.


And we are sure you’re going to love all the pockets and compartments that are going to make your life so much easier! 


The Hannah Pack is perfect for that elegant woman who wants her life to be just a little better, and just a little easier. 


Check out all 6 of the Hannah’s fabulous farics and don’t worry! She also comes with a corresponding Pepper Penny!


Last up we have the Whitney Pack. This is one of the largest handbags we sell and we find it simply flattering how women are loving this bag! 


Isn’t she perfect for the coming fall?! We can’t get enough of her ruffles and lace and apparently neither can our fans! 


She is large and spacious on the inside with 2 bottle pockets, 2 large side pockets and a zipper pocket! 


This gorgeous Whitney comes in a beautiful year round orange and brown.  


And of course, as always, you’ll get a corresponding Velvet Pepper Penny with every bag!


Best of luck choosing your favorite large handbag from Velvet Pepper! If you can’t decide, you may just need all 3!