Happy 2013! We all know what the new year brings; resolutions, goals, hopes, and dreams for the upcoming year.  At Velvet Pepper we are anxiously anticipating what is in store for us.  We hope all of you are excited for the new year as much as we are!  

Many of us make the New Year’s resolution to loose weight and watch what we eat; which will help us develop a healthier lifestyle.  Thus, the pepper pick is the Nike+ FuelBand:

(photo credit:http://store.nike.com)

The Nike+ FuelBand is designed to track your all day activity.  Whether you are running a half marathon or grocery shopping, the band will tract how much energy (calories) you are using.  You can set your own personal goals and the LED lights on the band indicate to you how close you are to achieving your goal.  

This pepper pick is not only a favorite among women, but also the men! Give your main squeeze a Nike+ FuelBand as a gift and he will be buying you the Velvet Pepper purse you are craving!