Todays post is a pepper pin with a whole new spin. Did you know that Velvet Pepper posies are removable, interchangable and all around versatile?

Our Tori line…


and our Rachel line…


are specially designed with snap on posies. They are made with high quality denim snaps so they will hold securely until you’re ready to change them out! 
This is a trend that hasn’t been seen before and rest assured, it all started here with Velvet Pepper! 


But that’s not it. Our posies are 2 part… the top and the bottom are also snapped so that you can change them around to your liking and customization! 
Have you ever seen such a trend?! 

This is our 7″ Roxy posie…


and our Ryen posie…


but that’s not all! We have 36 amazing posies and all of them have removable tops except for the 2″ and 3″ posies. 


36 posies, 36 ways to make it yours. 

Velvet Pepper