We have the best PepperPick for you today!!! Regardless of what you do with your nails, this is the best thing we’ve ever tried and we are completely, hopelessly and desperately in love with…. 


(photo credit: http://www.wandaruizsalon.com

Have YOU tried it yet?

We truly can’t imagine anything better! In case you haven’t tried it out yet, it’s just like nail polish… except that it is cured by a UV light so there is no dry time afterward… you walk out of the salon ready to go! 

(photo credit: http://rubynailsspa.com/new_product)

 Also, it lasts for up to 3 weeks, no joke! No chipping, no cracking and no peeling.

(photo credit: http://rubynailsspa.com/new_product)


We don’t have enough good things to say about it! 

Not a nail polish kind of gal?
The maintenance on this is so minimal that even we busy bee workers here at Velvet Pepper have time for this!  
There are bold colors, mild colors and everything in between.

Are you an acrylic, gel or wraps kind of girl?
I’ve recently done a french tip with the shellac on my natural nail and I couldn’t have been happier! 

(photo credit: http://queenoffriggencrap.blogspot.com/2011_12_01_archive.html

In love with glitter toes and all things that sparkle?
There are so many glitzy, glamy, glittery coats that you can put over your favorite color! 

(photo credit: http://www.temptalia.com/cnd-shellac-swatchesphotos-from-cosmoprof)

If you haven’t tried it yet, we highly recommend it!
We are dedicated shellac girls now and get ours done every 2 weeks without fail. 🙂